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The Applied Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory is always looking for volunteers.  We are looking for both potential study participants as well as helpers.  Listed below are the various research projects that are currently open and enrolling participants.  If you find a study that looks like a good fit for you, please take the time to contact the study coordinator for more information.  Our research wouldn't be possible without volunteers such as yourself.

Balance Study

  • Study Population: Apparently Healthy adults 18 years and older

  • Time Commitment: 3 visits; 60-90 min./visit

  • Procedures:

  1. Paperwork: you will fill in a health questionnaire. This is to help us assure that there are no risks if you participate.

  2. Anthropometric measurements: we will measure your height, weight, and muscle area.

  3. Balance testing: you will stand on a platform and we will measure how much you sway.

  4. Evoked contractions: by placing a stimulator on your head, we will elicit contractions of your forearm muscles. The procedure is painless and safe.

  5. Maximal contractions and reaction tasks: you will be asked to do maximal wrist flexions and extensions. In addition, we will measure your reaction capacity   

Military Health Study

  • Study Population: Apparently Healthy Males and females (18-40 yrs)

  • Time Commitment: 1-2 visits; 40-60 min./visit

  • Additional Info: Participants will be performing a physical fitness assessment with their scores being compared to the current norms as well as other populations. Seeking civilians, ROTC cadets, active duty military and military veterans to participate in this study.

  • Study Coordinator:

  • IRB Approval: ED-19-104

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